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Well, I guess the yellow means I moved again. Thank you Lance Johnson and Pat Kelly!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Minor league baseball is the beating heart of America's Pastime. Throughout history the various leagues have brought professional (well, most of the time) play and antics to every corner of our country. Many cities, counties and towns too small in scope to support MLB teams are perfect suitors for their junior counterparts. Ballpark identities are defined more by locals than their affiliate teams. Players come and go methodically from summer to fall, giving fans the opportunity to experience a lot of baseball and follow a lot of players. The games are cheap. The food is cheap. The entertainment between innings is cheap. And predictable. And fun. My "cheap" is not one of less quality but just less money. I was at a deli counter once and when called on, asked for "the cheapest ham you got" The guy went into detail the difference in qualities of hams and seemed perturbed to be put on the spot by such a preference based question. I've been second guessing my words ever since. Cheapest. Least expensive. Anyway, I've been lucky to have lived near some sort of professional baseball team my whole life. First the Nashua Pride of the Atlantic League in Nashua NH. Then the Toronto Blue Jays Double-A, NH Fischer Cats in Manchester, NH. Followed by the Mets Single-A, Brooklyn Cyclones in Coney Island. And lastly the Oakland A's Single-A, VT Lake Monsters in Burlington, VT. I love attending games and experiencing the ballpark atmosphere every summer. One of my favorite things about the parks is the local advertising flavor that each one features. My experience includes nothing higher than Double A. I usually attend Rookie League, Single A, Short Season games...just to be clear. The absence of bleachers enables all kinds of signage and my attention is shifted out there 100 times a game. Dealerships. T-shirt screen printing. Propane delivery service. McDonalds. Local newspaper. Attorney. Dentist. Pavilion bounce house party zone. Oh what flavor!!! 

Before I end up getting into all the cliche, cornball, summer baseball talk I'll just get to the point- 
The other day I was looking around my local Goodwill store and I found this 1984 Vermont Reds Program hidden among some junk. I think 1984 was the first year of VT Reds Baseball but I could be wrong. I realize google is literally a click away right now, Anyway, I knew right away I'd buy it. I love stuff like this! I began leafing through it and found it was chock full of autos...and amazing old ads. American history at its best all for $2. I'm not going to comment on all of the following photos I'll just say that they are a good representation of my local region. 

The US Air Force operated out of the Ethan Allen Air Force Base from early 1950's-1960 but it's now the Vermont Air National Guard Base. They fly F-16's out of it.

Full season unlike these days.

Now this man is worth a google. Max Patkin was a minor league ball player and clown. He was the 3rd officially crowned "Clowned Prince of Baseball." He barnstormed the US and Canada and performed in front of all types of crowds in Minor and Major League Baseball. He once gave up a home run to DiMaggio and was named the "King of Baseball." It would've been pretty neat to see him up here in Burlington back in '84!

If you're ever in the Burlington area make sure you go to Sneakers in Winooski, which is now a breakfast/lunch restaurant. Really good food. The Windjammer is still around too and supposed to be pretty good.

Gotham City Delicatessen. Can't beat the name...but I think its long gone.

Yeah...we got an airport.

Choc full o' autos.

LLoyd McClendon, former manager of the Seattle Mariners and Pittsburgh Pirates. He is now managing the Toledo Mud Hens. 

Paul O'Neill!

Kal Daniels had a nice little MLB career. Hit 104 HR and batted .285. 

Chris Sabo. Great player in his day seen here pictured without his signature sport goggle glasses. I'm reminded of the time that he broke a bat in a game and cork flew out of it...check it you on YouTube.

Burlington borders the beautiful Lake Champlain. This ad is so minimal and awesome.


More Knowledge.

I'm not sure if Howard Johnson's still exist.

The back inside cover is pretty epic. Its clearly the visiting team as I've googled a couple of the names. I was one "t" away from a Mike Schmidt HOF auto on this one but its a guy named Mike Schmid who played a little in the minors. Dang.

Missed it by that much!

I was 1 when this was made.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


The following is my Mookie Betts PC with some great ones, but missing a lot of the heavy hitters and most recent cards. I'm always on the lookout for new additions via trade or purchase.